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3D Printers  From 3D-Systems 


3D printers have arrived!  They are evolving rapidly and are now available in the UK in ready-to-use Desktop models. 

What Are They Used For?

If you have time to explore the limitless possibilities, enjoy this 14 minute video.  Realistically they have endless applications in manufacturing, modelling, construction and education.  

Two Ranges Of 3D Printer Models

Cotswold Printers are approved to supply and support these stunning 3D Printers from 3D-Systems.  Please check the 3D printer section in the On-Line Shop for pricing and consumables, or call if you need more information.  We regularly have promotions on these products, so please call to find out what is available.  




3D Printer Technology From Cubify



The plug and play, portable
home 3D printer.



Big, multicolor, professional printability.
CubeX – Single Colour          CubeX Duo – Two Colours     CubeX Trio – Three Colours

Print Size

5.5“ x 5.5“ x 5.5“ or 140 x 140 x 140mm 10.8“ x 10.45“ x 9.5“ or 275mm x 265mm x 240mm

Print Resolution

200 microns (0.2mm)*

100 microns (0.1mm), 250 microns (0.25mm), and 500 micron (0.5mm)

Colours Available

16 colours,
2 are glow in the dark

18 colours,
2 are glow in the dark

Design & Print Software Included

Use your own CAD software (.SDL file interface) or the available Cubify Invent Design Software.  Also included is the Print software and 25 models to get you started.

 Choose Your Cubify 3D Printer Model 




CubeX Duo

CubeX Trio

Colours Per Print





Prints in ABS Plastic

Prints in PLA Plastic


Multi-Colour &
Multi-material Printing



Free Print Software

Cubify Invent
Design Software

Upgrade Available

Starter Material

1 neon green**

1 white **

1 red, 1 white **

1 red, 1 white,  1 blue **

Free 3D Models

25 free models from top designers

25 professional grade models

25 professional grade models

25 professional grade models

 Additional Models (Free & Purchased)

Price (ex Vat)

In Shop

In Shop In Shop In Shop


1 Yr

1 Yr

1 Yr

1 Yr

* New to 2nd generation Cube ** PLA plastic

3D Printer Features 

ABS/PLA Plastics

Both ABS and PLA are known as thermoplastics; that is they become soft and moldable when heated and return to a solid when cooled.  ABS is a polymer, whereas PLA is created by processing a number of plant products including corn, potatoes and sugar-beet.  This PLA plastic is specially formulated to be compostable or biodegradable while the ABS is recyclable. You may use either one on the new Cube.

Multi-Colour & Multi-material Printing

The basic Cube & CubeX printers work with only one colour at a time.  The CubeX-Duo & CubeX-Trio work with two or three colours or materials simultaneously.

Software Required

You can create 3D models using any standard 3D software.  Most software will create a standard .stl interface file.  There is a 3D software product called Invent available from 3D-Systems.  It is included with the CubeX printers as standard (follow link for demo) .  Though it is not included in the Cube product package, when you register your printer you are offered a free demo download which you may purchase for a nominal price (around £35).  You may also use 3D-scanners to create the models for printing.

Available 3D Models

With each Cube or CubeX you receive 25 top-quality creations for immediate printing.  In addition when you register your printer at you are introduced to an extensive world of available 3-D designs. 

There are hundreds of free designs and many more high-quality professional designs that you can buy.  You may also upload and share your own designs.

3D Scanners From 3D Systems

Now available in the UK, the Sense 3D Scanner will scan objects up to 3M x 3M x 3M. You can then print these out on your Cubify printer. Click here if you want more information.

Capture Images From Your Camera & Convert To 3D

You can use your own digital camera (or smartphone) to capture 2D images and upload them to the Cubify website for reformatting using the online Cubify Capture service.

Cubify Capture turns your 2D photos or videos into a realistic 3D model, automatically. No software to download and no special skills required ... available now to Cube owners.

If you can take a picture, you can use Cubify Capture!

1). Firstly, take 30-40 images (or 20-60 second video) as you walk around your object.

2). Logon to (logon details supplied when you activate your Cube printer).

3). Upload your images and submit for processing.

4). You will be notified when the process is complete and then you can download your Cubify Capture model for use in other 3D modelling applications. We provide two types of files; an .STL file with no texture, and an obj+texture files (.mtl and .jpg) for the photo-realistic 3D models.

Sculp Your Ideas In Virtual Clay

Cubify Sculpt equips you with virtual clay to make it easy to make something from nothing. Mold, modify or mash-up an original design or import and adapt an existing model with ease. Cubify Sculpt is intuitive, versatile and the ultimate empowerment tool for 3D creation.

Design from scratch starting with a box, sphere or cylinder of virtual clay.

  • Import: STL, OBJ, PLY, CLY to edit
  • Export: STL, OBJ, PLY, CLY, ZPC
  • Cubify Sculpt saves as a 3D print-ready STL.
  • Use push and pull tools to sculpt your digital clay. Adjust the strength and size of the sculpting tool for exact cavities and extrusions.

This software is available to buy now with your Cube or CubeX printer.

Grab Hold Of Your Design With A 3D Mouse!

Cubify Touch is the first-ever haptic-based, consumer 3D mouse for intuitive 3D sculpting and design, with instant force feedback that mimics the sense of physical sculpting. Touch works with 3DS’ Cubify Sculpt, a powerful virtual sculpting tool that transforms 3D modelling from a complex, skills-centric design experience to a simple, easy sculpting delight for students, designers and hobbyists alike.

Touch is availability later in 2014 – contact us for more details.

Warranty & Support

These products are manufactured in the USA.  Cotswold Printers are authorized VARs (Value-Added-Resellers) for these 3D printers and provide first-line product and Warranty support from our UK workshop.  Note that if you purchase these products from high-street stores or internet sites, you may only get basic remote support from the USA.

3D-Cube Information & Demonstrations

We regularly run 3D printer product demonstrations at our offices in Gloucestershire and may be able to arrange on-site demonstrations where practical almost anywhere in the UK.  Please call us to arrange on 01684.276178.

Buy On-Line

You can purchase all the Cubify products in our On-Line Shop including a wide range of consumables. Please call if you need advice before you buy and speak to one of our team on 01684.276178.

Rentals (& Try Before You Buy)

Our demonstration models are available for short-term rental should you wish to try them out.  Any rental fees may be discounted against a future purchase, though you will purchase the consumables as used.  Please call us to discuss on 01684.276178.



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