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  Airprint Printers And Printing From Apple

About Airprint

AirPrint is Apple’s own 'built-in'' mobile printing facility on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

A major benefit of AirPrint is that you can print a wide range of document types with a wireless link.

Some smartphone and tablet print apps developed by printer manufacturers can only be used to print photos or PDFs, but AirPrint works in conjunction with apps already installed on your Apple device, so you can print from built-in apps including Mail, Photo, Safari and iWork.

With AirPrint you can wirelessly print:

  • Photos - using the photo app on the device.

  • Emails - through the Mail app on the device.

  • Web pages - displayed on the Safari browser.

  • PDFs and office documents.

AirPrint is easy to set up and use. However, there's little in the way of options to adjust print settings - you can't change the print size or quality settings, but you can change print quantity.

If your printer has a dedicated photo paper tray, AirPrint will automatically select paper from this tray when printing photos.  

AirPrint printers

When AirPrint first launched it was only compatible with selected HP e-all-in-one printers. Since then, AirPrint compatible printers have also become available from most manufacturers including OKI, Canon and Epson.

More than 100 printers are now AirPrint compatible, so it’s easy to locate one within your budget.

OKI Airprint Compatible 

AirPrint is built in to OKI printers and MFP models listed below. Just select an AirPrint printer on your local network to print from your favourite iOS or OS X app.

AirPrint is available with the following printers:

Model                                     Product Type    

B412dn                                   Mono Printer     

B432dn                                   Mono Printer     

B512dn                                   Mono Printer     

B721dn                                   Mono Printer     

B731dnw                                 Mono Printer     

MC332dn                                 Colour MFP       

MC342dn                                 Colour MFP     

MC342dnw                               Colour MFP     

MC352dn                                 Colour MFP     

MC362dn                                 Colour MFP     

MC562dnw                              Colour MFP       

MC760dn                                Colour MFP     

MC760dnfax                            Colour MFP     

MC770dnfax                            Colour MFP       

MC780dfnfax                           Colour MFP     

MC853dn/dnct/dnv                   A3 Colour MFP           

MC873dn/dnct/dnv                   A3 Colour MFP           

MB472dnw                              Mono MFP      

MB492dn                                Mono MFP      

MB562dnw                              Mono MFP 

For more information visit our OKI printers in the Online Shop, or download our Guide to Printing From Your iPad.



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