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Cash-Back Promotions On OKI Products
Cotswold Printers offer the full range of service for OKI Printing Solutions:
  • Sales - Best prices on current and new models of OKI printers
  • Services - Installation and product support, as well as on site maintenance
  • Warranty - OKI warranty support and repairs
  • Consumables - New OKI Consumables
  • Parts - Spare parts for most models
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Many of the new OKI printers we sell have a Cash-Back Promotion, here is how it works:-

Timeline & Availability

These promotions are only offered for limited time periods on specific products and subject to availability of stock.  We will confirm this with the deal at the point of placing your order. Should you choose to order from any other Reseller, be careful as the stock they source may not be part of the promo.  Any order on our webshop that states the promo is running will be valid for that stock.  If in doubt, please call us.

Printer Sale

You place your order direct with us, your Reseller. We will full-fill the order from our own printer stock, or from a main OKI Distributor with direct shipping.  The Cash-Back deal is provided direct from OKI UK.

Proof Of Purchase

We will supply you with a VAT invoice to show your proof of purchase from an Authorised Reseller.  Keep this to hand and after delivery obtain the Serial Number of the printer from the unit itself.  You are looking for a number usually in this format:-

Register For Warranty & To Obtain Your Cash-Back

You have up to 30 days from delivery to Register. After this time you will not be able to do so.

Go to the OKI UK website Locate the Warranty page. The link should be:-

Follow the instructions on the warranty page to Register the printer for warranty.   At the bottom of the page is a link to download the Terms & Conditions of the Warranty. We recommend that you do this and keep them available.

There should then be a link to the Promotions page to claim your Cash-Back. If not, try this:-

Choose the appropriate Promotion for your model and fill in the form. OKI will re-imburse you with the Cash-Back amount directly.  If you have any questions regarding this there is an email address to send your detailed questions to:-



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